Friday, April 19, 2013

Lisa's Country Cottage Part IV

I thought I'd share some updates to my cottage.  If you're a Greenleaf forum member you may have seen these pics a while ago.  Truth be told I've been saving up posts for a while now.  I know that once school starts I won't have time for much else so I've been writing ahead of time and scheduling them out weeks in advance.

I adjusted the door that came with the cottage so that I could add a doggy door.  I have to think of something that I can use for a sort of flap to cover the entrance.

I finally got my main room painted and the wallpaper put up.  I had to mix alot of paint to try and match the stripes on the wallpaper.  On my next trip to the craft store I'm going to look for some kind of fancy trim to line the bottom of the paper.  By far the hardest thing was cutting the crown molding.  I've tried many times before and wasted so much trim.  This time I actually found a tutorial that made sense to me!  I like how the white crown molding contrasts with the vanilla ceiling :) 

This is the second time that I've tried making something that looks like linoleum for my kitchen flooring.  This is a piece of wallpaper that had a nice vinyl look and feel to it.  I used a piece of wood that I thought had a nice width for tiles and then used the edge of a crochet needle to score the lines.

The above picture is my inspiration for the wooden flooring at the front of my main room in the cottage.  I really liked the design :)

And this is my floor!  I think it turned out pretty well.  It was made from scraps of a wood flooring sheet that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I used pieces that had already been stained for the outline and plain boards for the middle area.  I'll stain the whole thing to make it nice and shiny.

And now some pics of the outside.  I used skinny sticks for the porch area.  I think I'll go with white for the porch as well because I really like the contrast of the white posts against the color of the house, but I haven't decided yet.  It may be too much white in the end.  In this view you are looking towards the side of the porch that will have the outdoor shelf 

On this side of the house the porch only goes so far.  This is the side that I will add the bathroom.  I need to quit being so chicken and take a stab at cutting the bottom of the window out to make my door.  After my last door disaster I am a bit nervous!!!  I'll cover all the edges with trim and hopefully all will turn out well.  I also need to get a piece of thin wood and measure out panels for my walls.  I think I'd also like to find a piece of black and white checkered scrapbook paper to use for flooring.  Gotta plan my next trip to the craft store...

Happy Friday everyone! 


Emily Adams said...

I love that kitchen floor - so clever!! And great job on the wooden floor. Beautiful!

And by the way, scheduling posts is definitely the way to go. I've found I don't stress about the blog if I write my posts on Sundays and set them up to be published in advance.

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks Emily! I'm still new at all this, but I'm having fun learning how to make all of this stuff :)