Friday, April 5, 2013

Lisa's Country Cottage Kit Part II

So I thought I would share some updated pics of the cottage kit.  Above you can see the result of the door that I was cutting in my last post.  My thinking was that this could be a skinny doorway leading to a bathroom.  I want to enclose part of the porch area to use for this new room.  This turned out to be not such a great idea...

Above you can see me working on the porch roof area.

 Here I have added on the porch posts and supports for the slanted porch roof. 

And now the porch roof has been added.  I'm thinking some kind of shingling will look nice.  I also want to figure out how to make something that looks like solar panels.  Since I want to add windows to the actual top roof the panels will probably go on the porch roof because there will be more space.

And now for what I did to "fix" my bathroom door.  After looking at the cottage (and you can see this from the above pics) the wall that I cut the door into just didn't look right.  After some research online and some help from Kim at I found a way to caulk my door back into the wall.  From the outside it looks absolutely horrible.  The caulk sealed the piece of wood in nicely, but of course the cuts don't fit perfectly.  It is paintable so you won't see it so much once painted, but you'll still know it was there.  What I thought about adding here would be a wide tall outdoor aged wooden shelf covered in potted plants and gardening tools.  That way maybe I can hide the cut lines.  I've also thought that I could add an outdoor water spout under the window that way there can be a coiled up garden hose lying on the porch.

As you can see the inside looks much better.  The caulk sands pretty well so the wall stay nice and flat.  I will probably wallpaper the inside walls so all of this will be covered up anyway.  The biggest reason I decided this was the wrong wall for the bathroom door is that I decided all of the kitchen stuff needs to be against this wall.  I want the sink to line up with the window as much as possible.  I want cute kitchen curtains hanging above the sink!  Add in a stove and fridge and there just wouldn't be any room for this door.  Another problem I'll need to figure out is where I can find space to fit a washer/dryer.  Maybe one of those dual ones where the dryer sits on top of the washer like for small apartments.  Because really who wants to have to drive to the laundromat all the time?

This is the caulk that I used.  You don't need a caulk gun which is a plus.  It is easy to use, it is sandable and paintable.  I'm sure I'll make more mistakes and need this stuff again!

Happy Friday everyone!


Kim said...

I think you did a terrific job patching that hole- and if you do the shelf (which would look awesome by the way- love that idea) no one is going to know it was even there. Nice job!!

beyondbaffled said...

I certainly hope so!