Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lisa's Country Cottage Part V

So I finally took the plunge and started working on my bathroom again.  Needless to say I've been nervous about any kind of dollhouse bashing after my first doorway goof-up.  At least this time around I was certain where my door should go.  The Craftsman tool you see here was bought from K-Mart a while back.  It came with three different blades and the one for wood is sharp and actually works very nicely.

The wall underneath the window came out pretty easy.  I did cut through the flooring towards the bottom, but that will all we covered  up anyway.  Toward the right side on the bottom I must have had my hand turned to a bit of an angle because the cut wasn't quite as straight.  I did quite a bit of sanding to even it out.  This is also when I realized just how handy a Dirt Devil hand vac can be when crafting!

This is the inside view.  The doorway does actually go all the way to the bottom, its just the paint on the floor that makes it look as if there is a gap.

Being on a zero dollar budget I'm trying to use only what supplies I have on hand.  I "borrowed" a door from another dollhouse kit to fill in the bathroom doorway.  I did have to take it apart though as my door is shorter than standard.

Above is the dry fit of my doorway.

And finally a picture showing my completed doorway from the inside.  My flooring isn't glued down yet, but I needed to use it long enough to get the length for my doorway trim correct.  My floor needs a bit more sanding and another coat of varnish.  Once I get all of the trim put up around the doors and window I'll be able to add trim between the wallpaper and paint.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Kim said...

woooo hoooooo! the door looks fantastic- and I really love your flooring too! Good for you Jessie!!!