Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sophie and Olive are too busy to come to the blog right now...

Too busy playing with all of their new toys! Based on their good behavior Monday at our picnic (and their joint attempt to not drive Kitty completely crazy) I picked up every mini toy that I could find from my old collection and brought them home. I have never heard so many "thank yous" or never before actually seen two mini dolls literally jumping for joy on my desk. As you can see Olive quickly claimed "Teddy" and the Radio Flyer. I was afraid that she would run the wheels off of the wagon! Our Sophie is a bit more reserved (but I did see her do a little happy dance when she thought no one was looking!). She went first for the beautiful frilly dress and the large stuffed bear in the red basket until the treasure chest full of jewels caught her attention. Sophie is definitely going to be our mini princess. As you can see the girls had the toys scattered all over my desk - or at least this side - because once Olive heard that there was a "mouse" on my desk she wouldn't go anywhere near the other side. I did try my best to explain that it was a computer mouse, but she just looked up at me with those big brown eyes and smiled as she said, "Teddy and I will just stay over here if that's okay."
I think I will need to pick up one of those $1 wooden chests from Michael's the next time I go by there or I'll probably be stepping on mini toys before too long. This is embarrassing, but I injured my foot in a fall this weekend and ended up in urgent care and had to have a tetanus shot (b/c my last one was in 97 and they only last 10 years). So I would definitely rather protect my feet at this point.
I wonder what colors the girls would like their toy box painted?

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MiniMadWoman said...

Jessie, I sure hope your foot is okay! What a way to spend your weekend!

It looks like the girls had lots of fun with their new toys! What little girl doesn't like something new?! LOL!!

Also a little note to let you know that I'm tagging you! Please visit my blog for more information and have fun!