Sunday, May 24, 2009

New layout pic

I think this one is cute, especially because to me it almost looks like the oil lamp is lit in the picture. The lamp itself and the fiddle both came from my old collection at my Mom's house. The fiddle is missing a couple of the little tuners (or whatever they are called) at the top, but I think I can mimic that shape with some sculpey and you'd never know the difference. The bowl full of apples is my Mom's and unfortunately she won't let me keep those because they belong in one of her displays. The tiny books are also hers, but she had so many that I don't think she'll miss a few. I was excited to find the fiddle because as I've said before I'd like to have a little band playing over in the corner of the saloon once it's finished and this will be one less thing for me to buy! And I'll probably have some pics of Sophie and Olive later today - I've been watching to see what kind of personality that I think they will bring to my collection.

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