Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sophie and Olive's Dresser Adventure

I came into the spare room this evening looking for any dirty clothes (it's laundry day) and I realized that Sophie and Olive were not in the saloon where I had left them. I asked Kitty if she had seen them and she said "no" and that she didn't really care where they were as long as I kept them quiet. Hmmm...seems our two newest mini members may have been causing some trouble.On the other hand Kitty appeared to be enjoying a few of the minis that I brought in from my old collection - a sewing box full of different colored thread and scissors and also the old Singer sewing machine. I also noticed that the piece of brown cloth that she had actually came from my REAL sewing box and I was about to ask how in the world she got it out when she started quizzing me on the saloon construction. "When exactly are you going to be putting the doors and windows in? And look at this floor - why, it's only half finished! And if you expect me to be looking after children then I would expect some help around here. How about a bed? Or some play clothes for Sophia and Olivia - do you expect them to keep their nice dresses clean?" So I decided not to ask her about the brown cloth and just sort of backed away slowly as she continued her tirade.
As you can see I found Sophie on the dresser looking in to the fountain. How she got up there I'll never know - given that it's a 5 drawer dresser! I told her the barrel didn't look too sturdy and that I preferred for her to admire the fountain from the ground, but she either didn't hear me or chose to ignore me. She did ask if I thought there were any fish in there - which reminds me - I did bring a fishing pole and tackle box home from my old collection, perhaps I should put those up for now.
I followed a trail of scattered jewelry across the top of the dresser to my jewelry box where it appears that someone must have been having a pretty good time playing! And I suppose it's not only Kitty who is unhappy with their current sleeping arrangements. Olive must have got tired after making such a mess with my jewelry that she crawled into the bottom drawer and covered up using a Kleenex as a blanket. As cute as she looks cuddled up in there I think it may be time to invest in some mini toys for the girls.


Ara said...

Too cute... love the little girl looking into the fountain. I tried to follow your blog once before but it wouldn't let me! Seems to have worked this time! Can't wait to see more! -ara

Kim said...

Olive is sooooo cute sleeping in the jewelry box!! I can't wait to hear the trouble they get into!