Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first doll for the saloon!

I've been broke lately so I haven't been able to buy many supplies to work on my dollhouse, but I wanted to show you my new treasure. I got this porcelain fully poseable doll from ddsgiftss on ebay - http://stores.ebay.com/DDs-Gifts. You've got to check out her store - the dolls are beautiful and the prices are great. Purchase price, shipping, and insurance all total I paid a little over $13 for this doll - I think it's a fabulous bargain. Especially since most of the dolls that I've looked at start at around $50. Her dress is really nice material and her hair is great too. You can pose her arms and her legs (she doesn't have knees so the legs don't bend, but with her dress being so long you really can't tell when you sit her down). She has full porcelain legs, which is something that I really wanted b/c if she's working in a saloon then she's probably going to wear something a bit shorter! I already had her name picked out from the moment I bought her on ebay - Kitty, which is short for Katherine. Funny thing was when my Mom saw the doll the first thing she said was that she looked like Kitty from some western movie/show that she used to watch (I can't remember the name of it right now). So now I know her name is perfect! Here are some pics of her posing around the dollhouse.
Downstairs checking out the wooden floors.
Checking out the view from an upstairs window.From the side porch. Kitty was delighted with the pink umbrella that I brought home from the bridal shower that I went to this weekend - it went well with her dress. She also is expecting me to fill the wooden chest with more dresses for her!
And here she is sitting on the stairs. You can see a bit of her cream colored high heels in the picture.
Now once the saloon is open Kitty will have to invite Tessie from Casey's Minis over for a drink!


Kim said...

Kitty is fabulous! I always think a dollhouse is so much better when it has a person living there:) I hope she doesn't start bossing you around like Tessie does to poor Casey!

MiniKat said...

The "Gunsmoke" TV series. Miss Kitty Russell. :-)

I think she looks great, but I agree with Kim. Hopefully she doesn't boss you around like Tessie does.