Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New layout and Memorial Day celebration pics

Here is today's layout picture. I imagine this to be what Kitty wants the nightly till to look like after the saloon opens. As you can see I have yet to age the register itself. A fellow Greenleaf member suggested that I use burnt sienna paint, which I bought a while ago (59 cents @ Michael's - you can't beat that!), but just haven't gotten around to using it.And here is a pic to show you today's mini Memorial Day Celebration. Kitty spread out a lovely red bandanna as a picnic blanket and I served up a mini supreme deep dish pizza and a case full of cold Coca-Cola bottles, which everyone seemed to really enjoy. As I was snapping this picture Kitty was giving the girls a short history lesson on why we celebrate Memorial Day. Here is a good place for information if anyone else cares to look http://www.thememorialdayfoundation.org/. And nobody knows it just yet, but while I was at my own real Memorial Day celebration today with my family I picked up some new minis for everyone from my old collection. Sophie and Olive - and even Kitty are going to be very excited tomorrow!

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