Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions for 2010 and beyond...

Here we are at almost ten days into 2010 and I'm still working on my New Year's Resolutions, but I wanted to share what I've come up with so far.  I'm 30 now so this year I'd like to be able to keep some of my resolutions past the end of January!  This year has started out kind of yucky (I've been sick and have only left the apartment twice in three days - and one of those times was to the doctor's office) so surely that's a sign that the year has to get better!  Anyway in no particular order - here goes for my resolutions...

- I want to be fit, not skinny, but fit.  I don't need huge muscle definition, but I would like to be tone.

- I want to be at a healthy weight.  I think 130 pounds would be good for my height.  This would put me at losing about 50 pounds.  My doctor "mentioned" that my weight has been creeping up over the last few years so that definitely got me thinking.

- I want to be more proactive about my overall health.  My parents both have type 2 diabetes, my Dad has heart disease, my Mom has arthritis - I could go on and on listing all of their ailments.  If I don't take better care of myself then I have all of these things to look forward to as I get older.  I have IBS and my symptoms have gotten worse with every passing year.  I've tried weight loss, exercise, food diaries, probiotics, adding fiber to my diet, being tested for celiac disease - basically everything you can think of to control my symptoms.  So this week I finally got a referral to a specialist.  I have an appointment to see a gastroenterolgist and as nervous as I am I know this was an important step.

- I want to walk at least 1 mile per day.  My Mom bought me a pair of Easytones for Christmas and I plan to use them for all they are worth!  Twelve laps around the inside of the building where I work is a mile and my friends at work help to motivate me to walk during breaks and lunchtime.

- I want to eat healthier, cook at home more, and eat out less.

- I want to plant a garden this year with lots of healthy fruits and veggies for me and my family.  I want to do some research on natural pesticides.  I want to make/buy a rain barrel and start a compost heap in my  backyard.

- I want to buy local.  I want to go to the farmer's market and local fruit stand more.  I also want to use local bakeries.

- I want to pay off debt.  I want to make a budget and stick to it.  I want to try the snowball approach with my credit cards.  I want to only make purchases with my debit card.  I want to start a "Christmas Club" savings account.

- I want to be more organized.  I know that lists may seem anal to some, but for me they help to ease my mind.  I can see what needs to be done and I can check things off as I go - giving me a sense of accomplishment.  I want to organize my household chores so that I'm not spending all weekend cleaning when I should be relaxing.

- I need some sort of plan of action when it comes to my hobbies, that way I can be more productive.  Right now I'm into 1:12 scale miniatures, scrapbooking, and beer bottle and beer cap crafts.  I've been scanning and cataloging  old black and white family photos for my Mom, researching my family tree, and I've got a crate full of my own photos that have never been put into any albums.  I would also love to improve my sewing technique and I would like to try out cross-stitch.  I am desperate to learn how to crochet as well because I'd love to be able to make beautiful afghans like my Granny Frye.  A friend of mine does Amigurumi and is going to be teaching classes so I'm hoping she can help me.

- I want to keep my car clean.  Being a commuter I spend lots of time in my car so this is one goal that I am truly striving for.

- I want to stop contributing to other people's bad habits.  This resolution means many things to me, but my first step is to stop buying cigarettes for David.  I am trying to encourage him to stop smoking.  I've let him know that he can continue to buy them if he chooses to, but I won't be picking them up for him even if I am already at the grocery store.

- I want to read my Bible.  I would like to read it from cover to cover.  This is a personal goal that I have had for a while, but I plan to be more determinded this year.

- I want to do things that make myself feel better.  I want to dress up more, get my hair cut, and it's amazing how girlie a coat of nail polish can make me feel!

- I also want to learn how to reward myself.  Sometimes I get so caught up in paying bills and just trying to make ends meet that I feel that's all my life is about.    I want to take time to relax, read a book, and maybe even buy myself a new pair of shoes?

- I want to spend more time with my family and friends.  I want to spend quality time with David, hang out with my Mom and Dad more, and also with my sister and her boyfriend.  I want to put forth the effort to visit my extended family - and not just on Facebook.  I want to invite my friends over for dinner and plan more "girls nights out."  I want to call my friends just to see how they're doing, and just to let them know that I care. I also want to learn to not let it bother me when I'm the one who's putting forth all of the effort when it comes to my friends.  I have to understand that as we get older and start our own families that sometimes life just gets in the way.

- And finally I want to try and update my blog more regularly! 

I'll leave you today with a pic to prove that I am working towards at least one of my goals.  I organized David's closet today and I am very proud of the results - I just wish I had thought to take a before pic, but I'm sure it isn't too hard to imagine a 27 year old guy's closet, right?  It took nearly all day to go through the closet and all of his drawers.  I was also very impressed that he was more than willing to go through and get rid of things that either didn't fit or that he doesn't wear anymore.  We have so many clothes to take to the Salvation Army tomorrow!  Next I'll tackle my closet...or maybe my craft drawers, or my scrapbook supplies, or maybe even my desk...oh boy ;)

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Kim said...

Jessie- I love your resolutions- very similar to many of mine! I need to reorganize my home too. I have spent so many years in the middle of construction and now that it is getting close to being finished I am starting to think about "permanent" places for things! I'm trying to learn to cook more from scratch and eat better too because I am trying to find out why I have so many stomachaches--similar to you - although I am sure mine are just simply from poor eating! I could go on and on how similar your list is to mine- I guess creative minds are similar, huh? Sending you lots of "stay strong" vibes for your resolutions :)