Sunday, January 31, 2010

More pics to share of Saturday's shopping stash

Kitty has been so busy working on the saloon and trying to keep up with Sophie and Olive that she doesn't have much time to come and update on the blog herself, but she'd like to tell everyone hello.  Personally I think she just wanted to show off the new cowboy hat that I bought her yesterday - lol.  I have to admit though, she does look pretty darn good.  She asked that I start making her some more appropriate Western clothing for when the saloon opens.  I guess I better start practicing on my sewing again...

I'm thinking about taking the pearls out of her hair, which I think she would prefer anyway since she's been asking for a pearl necklace as of late.

Here's a cute pic to show everyone her curly red hair sticking out from under the back of the hat.  Kindly overlook the fact that the ribbon was coming off of her hat in the picture

Next I wanted to show you where I put the tiny rusted birdhouse.  This Jade plant sits on my desk and I am absolutely in love with it.  One side of it got some sort of plant disease, but I have pruned and sprayed and given it lots of tlc so I think now it looks wonderful.  You may have to click the pic to make it larger in order to see the birdhouse.  Another blog that I like to follow (and please forgive me for not remembering who atm) had a post about miniature garden setting and I've always wanted to do something similar with this plant.  The original post linked to a site called Miniature Garden Shoppe that gave me a lot of great ideas.  I would like to get some mini seating and maybe even some mini lanterns to add to my pot.

Here is a close-up pic to show you where the birdhouse is hanging.  This is one branch that had to be pruned to get rid of dead leaves and prevent whatever it was from spreading.  I can't wait to find some more accessories.  This summer I would also like to get a large flat pot and do a western garden setting with lots of cactus.

Ttyl blogland :)

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