Thursday, January 21, 2010

Followers and "wayback" pics...

I was looking through the list of followers and I saw two names that I didn't remember from before.  One was Rudoo and the other is Miniaturemaid.  I'm not sure how long you guys have been here, but I'm glad that you came!  I don't see blogs for either one yet, but if you have them please let me know and I'll link them for everyone else to visit.

I also wanted to forward on something that I saw on Kim's blog.  The "Wayback Challenge" that was making its way through Facebook last week seems to have made it to blogland.  I am copying and pasting this directly from Kim's blog:

I challenge you to find a picture of yourself as a child and post it on your blog.  There are no rules to follow or a required number of people to pass it on to. Just have fun and "pass it on"!

So here goes!  This pic is me at around age 5 I believe (I'd have to ask my Mom to be sure).  And I chose one with pigtails so Kim wouldn't feel all alone :)

Cute, huh?  Lol!


Kim said...

Ah- thanks Jessie! I have to say that you are way cuter in your pigtails though :) I love the ribbons in your hair ♥

beyondbaffled said...

I think your pic was cute too! The ribbons were my Mother's idea. Thanks though!