Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More printie love and some wooden fruit and veggie crates :)

By the time you read this I will have made these weeks ago.  Seriously why didn't I start scheduling posts from the beginning?  Way less stress!

Anyway, I'm still working on a zero dollar budget so this was a perfect project.  I wanted some cute little outdoorsy stuff to sit on the porch of my cottage.  I don't know what you call these things - just wooden fruit crates?  These are all made from wood squares of various sizes that I had on hand.  I've bought them by the bagful in the past from Hobby Lobby.  And of course skinny sticks - you can never have enough of those!  The labels were free printies found online, printed to cardstock, and sprayed with clear acrylic sealer.  There are plenty of wooden crate tutorials out there too, but all you really need is a picture to look at.

I found lots of seed packet printies.  My scrapbook paper cutter made these much easier to cut out.  The printies themselves were detailed with the little flaps and fold over parts, but I just cut them square and fold the pictures front to back for simplicities sake.  After all no one will be pulling them out of the crate to inspect.

And my wheat penny for scale, I am always forgetting to do this!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Emily Adams said...

Adorable!! I would have made the seed packets the same way :)

Kim said...

They look fantastic! I am still working on some things for you but had a horrible cold/flu thing trip me up here. I haven't forgotten about you though-promise!