Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini treasures from the flea market :)

Today I thought I'd share some pics of new minis for my cottage.  I'm still broke, but I have a loving boyfriend who indulges my mini hobby sometimes.  I actually just recently started a new job about two weeks ago, which I am extraordinarily thankful for, but it will still be some time before I am caught up.  David and I took a trip last Saturday to the local flea market and there is a lady who runs a miniature booth there.  David of course goes to find old records, comic books, and video games, but he also waits patiently while I peruse down the mini aisles.

My mini finds included two Chrysnbon kits full of bathroom accessories, a set of metal kitchen canisters and a set of cutlery, both International Miniatures by Classics, and a small wooden rolling pin.

Here is a more detailed view after all of the parts have been removed from the plastic trees.  I still need to trim the flash off of some of them.  I adore the cutlery!  I really want to find a dish drainer to sit on my kitchen counter to fill with just-cleaned dishes.  And I have lots of printies pinned on Pinterest (woah, that's a mouthful!) so I can find some great labels for the canisters.

The bathroom accessories include one small and one large towel bar - I'd like to spray those with some brass colored metallic paint like the ones in my Mother's house.  The large Chrysnbon kit also includes a bath brush, a toothbrush holder with four toothbrushes, a wall-mounted soap dish with a small bar of soap, a hanging bathtub soap dish with a large bar of soap, a waterglass holder, a toilet paper roll and dispenser, a wastebasket, a plunger, and a hot water bottle.  The smaller Chrysnbon kit contains a pale with handle, a comb, some more soap dishes, and a couple other things.

I've never painted Chrysnbon before so I think I will search out some tutorials before I go any further.  I saw a lovely Chrysnbon plastic clawfoot tub that was painted with a copper belly and a perfect porcelain inside.  It looked like something straight out of a glossy magazine page!  Hopefully I can turn my pieces into something almost as nice :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Kim said...

wow-what great finds!!!! I love them all- the canister set is so nice and Chrysbon sets are always so detailed. I have never painted them before either. I just painted my metal on my kitchen kits with enamel and it was harder than I thought so if you never have painted with enamel before I recommend a little bit of practice on something else first :)

beyondbaffled said...

Haha, I was already going to come to you for suggestions on painting! I don't know when I'll get to start on these, but some time soon hopefully!