Friday, May 17, 2013

I won!

Today I want to share this beautiful print that I received in the mail.  tiny by design is a wonderful Facebook page that was shared with me by a friend of mine.  The artist Tracie lives in Michigan and her original artwork is all inspired by children.  She does lovely paintings and I have also seen some photos of wonderful wall murals that she has done.

A while back she posted the above painting and asked her followers to suggest a name for it.  I thought it was such a fun and colorful piece and I immediately thought of the name "bubble berry tree."  And lucky me she liked my idea!

Tracie had prints made and was sweet enough to send me one!  I can't wait to have it framed so I can brag to everyone who visits that I got to name a painting!

Below are links to Tracie's Facebook page and her website.  Take a look - she has some lovely pieces!

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Kim said...

It is the perfect name-good thinking :) Congrats Jessie and thanks for the links ♥