Friday, May 10, 2013

Journal update -

I've been working on my journal a bit more.  Above you can see the inside pages once the front and back covers were removed.

In order to make tabs for additional pages I measured the portion of the pages that were inside the original journal spine.  They were approximately 1-1/2 inches in width so I cut cardstock pieces 3 inches wide in order to fold them in half.  I then used the original pages to judge where my holes should be punched.  And then to add stability I put reinforcement labels on each side of the punches.

For now I'm using 3 inch metal loose leaf binder rings to hold everything together.  So far they seem to be easier to work with than tying everything back together with string.

Here is a shot with the covers added back.  You can see how the gel medium helped to seal the front cover. Now there aren't any crumbling edges to worry about.  I may go back over it one more time just to be sure.

I think 2 inch binder rings may have been a better size to start with, but once the journal is filled with extra pages it may not look quite so bulky.  I actually kind of like the way the metal accents the otherwise natural look of the book.  I saw a Pinterest pin once where binder rings were used to make a book out of greeting cards.  I have boxes full of cards that I've collected over the years, things I couldn't throw away like birthday, Christmas, or congratulations cards from graduation.

Now I just have to start figuring out what I want to write about...!

Happy Friday everyone!


Kim said...

oh my gosh Jessie- this looks fabulous!!!! I think you did wonderful- I bet you are so excited!!!! Love, love, love it and I'm so glad that the gel medium helped seal up the fragile parts. You rock girl!!!!

beyondbaffled said...

Yes, thank you for the gel medium suggestion - it worked wonderfully! :)