Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes

I adore autumn and for me Halloween is the best part of the season.  I know there is only one week left in October, but I have been decorating all month long and I have some really fun Halloween posts that I'd like to share this week.

I found this great blog post through where Jeffery Rudell decorated a client's house for Halloween with a budget of only $100.  On this very limited budget he cleverly decorated the entire house with spooky paper silhouettes in all of the windows.  In the post he included 3 free pdf files of silhouette templates for the readers to try at home.

My favorite of course was the zombie silhouette.

Mr. Rudell's silhouette was basically like a piece of clipart with instructions on how to enlarge it at a copy center such as UPS, etc.  I loved the idea, but I wanted something simple and inexpensive that I could do at home by myself.  I downloaded the pdf file and used a free program online to convert it to a bitmap image.  Adobe won't allow you to make changes to a picture, but if it is converted to bmp then you can open it and make changes inside the Paint program that comes with every computer.

I wanted to turn the zombie picture into an outline in order to avoid using so much black ink when printing it out and the Paint program allowed me to do that.  My printer doesn't have a tile print feature so next I downloaded a free online program called Posteriza, which did the work for me.

Above it what my zombie looked like once he was turned into an outline and tile printed.

A friend of mine was kind enough to give me a roll of black art paper, which saved on expenses as well.  Above is my zombie outline cut out of white printer paper and taped together.  I used it to draw the outline onto the black art paper.

The above step of trying to flatten out your zombie silhouette is only necessary if you use a roll of black paper that has been rolled up very tightly for a long time - lol!

And now I'd like to introduce...George!  I named him after George A. Romero, the "Godfather of all Zombies."  This picture was taken from my kitchen window looking at George standing in the living room.

And here is a much more spooky angle taken from the street.  I've gotten compliments from just about everyone who has driven by and seen him.  And I will admit that he's creeped me out a few times when I've been walking down the hallway and caught sight of him out of the corner of my eye!

I have more silhouettes to share so I may be doing double posts some days this week.  Until then I hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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miniannalee said...

I think I would scare myself with the silhouettes every time I walked by them in the house.. it does look awesome in the window.