Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes Part III

I wanted to share the rest of my Halloween silhouettes today.  I used the Frankenstein's Monster template from Mr. Rudell's book to make a silhouette for one of my kitchen windows.   As I said yesterday I had to shrink him quite a bit in order to make him fit.  We named him Frankie, but since he came out a bit short and skinny, maybe he should be Frankie Jr.?

Above is a view of Frankie from the side of the house.

And a close-up.  As you can tell Frankie really needed a double set of windows because he should be a bit wider and you should be able to see both of his outstretched arms for his classic mummy walk.

This is another shot of my camera trying but failing to take a picture at night.  I even changed the settings so that the lens stayed open longer in order to let in more light.  I really want a fancy new camera!!!  And if you can't tell from the pictures itself, this is a vulture from Mr. Rudell's book perched on the balcony door.

Mr. Rudell's book also included a witch template and while she was especially wicked looking (Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz wicked looking) she was also enormous.  Attempting to blow the template up to size and then shrink her to the window would have put her totally out of proportion.
So I started searching online for free printable clipart and I found this lovely lady.

I opened the clipart file in paint and erased all of the middle section so that all I had to print out was the outline.  I then used the Posteriza program that I mentioned on Monday to blow her up to size.

David said that we should name her after the Looney Tunes witch so now we have Witch Hazel.  Above is a picture of Hazel from inside.  I added one of the clawed hands from Mr. Rudell's book into her cauldron.  Below is Hazel from the outside.

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed the silhouettes.  I highly recommend Jeffrey Rudell's book.  I already have so many plans for next Halloween!

I've also got a Food for Thought post that I meant to share last Friday (but I forgot!) so I am going to post it later today.  We made some festive Halloween cupcake brownies that were super yummy!

After that I probably won't be posting again until next week so I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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