Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes Part II

Today's post is a continuation of Monday's one about Halloween window silhouettes.  Basically I had so much fun with Mr. Rudell's blog post that I went out and bought his book.  The book is oversized and  contains 28 different silhouettes that are ready to use.  Each page inside of the book is like black construction paper and already perforated so you just punch it out, hang it on your window, and voila - a spooky Halloween silhouette!

I checked at my local Books-A-Million and they didn't have the book in stock, but it was available to order online.  Boo.  So I called Barnes & Noble who fortunately had plenty in stock, but were a 30 minute drive away.  As you may have already guessed, I made the drive.

The first inside cover shows all of the different silhouettes.  The cat as you can see comes in two pieces so it had to be taped together and the vulture is so large that it folds out onto an extra page.

The back inside cover included more silhouettes that could be used as templates and blown up to scale.  I was very pleased to see that these weren't the same ones used in the blog post, which made buying the book even more worthwhile.  The only problem that I had with these is that when blown up to scale they are absolutely enormous.  They would probably work perfectly for someone who has a house with large picture windows though.  To give you some perspective, although my windows are very tall (floor to ceiling) they are only about three standard sheets of printer paper wide.

I did use these templates to make Frankenstein's Monster, but I had to squish him so much that you'd almost think the poor guy was starving himself.  I will have pictures to share of him later this week.

You can't see it very well in this picture, but the last page of the book is a red see-through plastic page to be used with the silhouettes that have open spaces.

The first silhouette that I did from the book was the cat.  Besides the zombie he is probably the one that I have gotten the most compliments about.  I named him Salem and here he is perched on the window sill above my computer.

 My camera doesn't take very good pictures at night so most of the pictures of the smaller silhouettes had to be taken from the inside in order for you guys to see them.  This is after I added a couple of spooky bats to the window.  You can't see it from this angle, but standing outside of the house you can see a witch's hat sitting on the lower window sill.

And now you can see where the red plastic page comes in.  Creepy cat when you see him up close, huh?

These next two windows also had to photographed from the inside in order for them to show up well enough to post on the blog.  They do look awesome from the outside though - I promise!

Above we have an owl with lovely red eyes and a crescent shaped moon in the corner.

Below you'll see the bottom of the window with a tombstone and two hands reaching skyward.

(I promise that you can't see the crazy stars on my window sheers from outside of the house either!  The sheers do have to be up though or you don't get the spooky effect from the outside.)

And here we have two crows - one looks like he just landed on the top window sill while the other is perched on a group of pumpkins.

Two of the pumpkins in the book were already carved as jack-o-lanterns and two were left plain in case you wanted to cut them out yourself.  I used the one that was already decorated and put more of the red plastic page behind it in order to "light" it up.

So what do you think?

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Kim said...

these are sooo cool Jessie! I love them- maybe next year I'll try this out. This year is just too crazy- wish I lived closer to you so I could see them in person!