Thursday, October 20, 2011

I spy with my mini eye...

When I first got into 1:12 scale I remember reading lots of posts on Greenleaf about people spotting things with their "mini eye."  I came to find out that this was when you see everyday objects that are perfect as 1:12 scale miniatures.  One example is the tiny little metal trays that eyeshadow comes in.  Once you've used up all of the eyeshadow you can pop the trays out and they are the perfect size to use as miniature baking pans.

So anyway, I spotted these today...

And what did I spy?  Well miniature cookie cutters of course!  

These were .97 cents apiece at Wal-Mart so I bought one of each.  Now I have far too many craft projects going on right now to even consider pulling out my polymer clay - seriously, there are some parts of the turtle/craft room that aren't safe to walk in right now - but, I figure I can always put these away for next year.

I can imagine all kinds of tiny little Halloween shaped cookies with different shades of icing in some cute little setting or another.  If you haven't done much with polymer clay here is a great tutorial to get your imagination started - 

This is one of the best tutorials that I have found.  She gives very simple and easy to follow instructions to show what you can do with thin pieces of polymer clay, a hair dryer, and hole punches.  Pretty cool results with not much expense :)

I've got more crafts to post about within the next few days - some fun Halloween window silhouettes and also an update about the painted aluminum can tab bracelets.  Until then everyone have a happy Thursday!

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