Friday, March 27, 2009

Mini canning jars

This is my first attempt at making a mini. Greenleaf member stillworkin posted a tutorial on how to make mini canning jars and they were the cutest thing ever and she made it look so easy that I thought I would give it a try. According to her directions I bought Sculpey clay, Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy, and metallic gold Craft Smart paint from Michael's. I picked up 30 erasers for $1 at Food City and I had the clear nail polish, q-tips, vegetable oil, and diabetic needle at home.
I rolled out the veggies - green beans, carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes (I'm not very good at this part yet). As per the tutorial instructions I microwaved the clay veggies for two minutes and then put them in cold water. While they cooled I cleaned the dust out of the erasers and coated the insides with olive oil.
I mixed the Easy Cast per the directions on the box and used the needle to fill the eraser, alternating the epoxy and clay veggies. Then the instructions showed how to use a hole punch and cardstock paper to make the metal lids. I glued enough holes together until it was as thick as I wanted and then painted them gold.I waited 24 hours as per the directions and then peeled the erasers off. I used pushpins to hold the jars steady while I painted them with clear nail polish (I used Sally Hansen just b/c that's what I already had). The jars came out of the erasers looking fuzzy, but after the polish went on they really started to look clear like glass.
Here's the finished product. Keep in mind these are my first attempt! I think my veggies look kind of globby. The carrots sort of looked like they've been cut into little pieces, but I want the beans to look more like string beans and less like green cubes! Oh well, they do say practice makes perfect.

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