Thursday, March 19, 2009

Doors, windows, and staircase

So while the glue was drying I did a test fitting of the doors and windows. And yes, the upstairs window is upsidedown in this pic. I think this is when I decided to go with windows that will really open and shut anyway. I do understand dollhouse "bashing" a bit more now (thanks to my friends at Greenleaf) and if I had it to do over again I would turn the porch into a balcony with railing all around it and turn the middle window into a doorway. A balcony was actually David's idea btw. Anyone else see what I'm seeing here? swinging saloon door is too short?! I don't want the cowboy's knocking their hats off everytime they come in!
Test fitting of the upstairs side door - and this one fits!!!
And now for gluing all of the stairs and landing together. Btw, stairs are really HARD to put together. Now the landing is taped up while the glue dries and the stairs and railing are waiting to go on. I used Elmer's Probond Wood Glue Professional Strength Interior/Exterior.

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Kathi said...

This looks difficult... I'll be back to read your posts again when I'm ready to try this!