Sunday, February 1, 2015

1:12 Scale Stockpot DIY

My pharmacy friends will love today's post.  This is probably one of the easiest minis that I've made in a while.  I have hundreds (or possibly a thousand or so!) of these little desiccant pieces.  After all we just throw them away at the pharmacy!  So for this piece I took one of the larger desiccants and used an X-acto knife to just barely run along the seam between the lid and the bottom piece.  Once you've got a tiny gap going you just slide the blade in and the top pops right off.  Throw away the little crystal pieces that are inside so that no one (including pets!) can get to them.  Next I took my wire cutters and snipped the ends off of two paper clips.  I estimated the size I wanted for handles and then put a dot of super glue on each tip.  I used pliers to hold the pieces in place for about 30 seconds on each side.  Afterwards I sprayed a few light passes of silver spray paint to make it look like a stainless steel pot.  Once that was dry I flipped it over and gave it a couple more quick coats.  The area around the rim may need a bit of a touch up, but I can do that later with a paintbrush.

And voila!  A super easy, super cheap, fancy looking mini pot using things that I already had around the house!

Happy Sunday blogland!

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