Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coupon Minis

I've got some new coupon minis to share!  I've done so many of these lately that I probably need to get back to working on my Country Cottage so I'll actually have a place to put them all :)

These were either from a Colgate coupon that expired, or the photo ad that was right beside it.  They were actually double packs so the picture was of two toothpaste boxes one on top of the other.  Since I had two coupons I cut them all out and folded the pictures in half so I could make one complete four sided box.  You can still see where the boxes say value or twin pack, but I don't mind that.

I recently found a pin on Pinterest from a blog post written in 2013 where a lady make similar minis out of junk mail.  Instead of cutting out boxes for her minis she used foam to make them solid and I thought that was a great time saving idea.  Here is the link to the post -

I don't have enough colored markers to color the sides of my foam like the blog post so I used colored paper and glued them onto the sides.

A cute pic of the mini Colgate with a real box!  The real one is a 6 ounce tube so the box is almost 8 inches long.  My mini boxes are a bit closer to 10 inches on mini scale so we'll just pretend they are bigger tubes lol.

And of course I tried out some mini cleaning products using plastic straws.  I did one Lysol spray bottle, one Scrubbing Bubbles bottle, and one Lysol wipes bottle.  My cans are very close to the height of the real products, but they are a bit skinnier than normal.  This was the only way that I could get the mini labels to fit all the way around.  I think they will still look pretty realistic in a mini scene though.

See ya later blogland!

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