Monday, February 16, 2015

Mini Pastel Pie Tins!


I really want to make a mini bakery!  I have so many great ideas, I just need to improve my polymer clay skills so I can make lots of mini baked goods :)

I've seen lots of pie tins on other blogs and they always just look like bottle caps to me.  And since I have thousands in my collection I decided to try painting some of them.  I seem to have a love all things pastel recently so I went with that as a color scheme.

The colors above are Cameo Pink, Couscous, Cloudless, and Lilac Mist.

And this one is Pale Green :)

Each cap got multiple coats of paint on the inside and outside and then a shiny coat of Mod Podge Super Gloss Brilliant to seal them.

Now I just need to dig out my seed beads and practice making strips of clay so I can make one of those fancy lattice style pie crusts!

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