Friday, June 3, 2011

Wild Weather Part Two:

After April 27th it seemed like we were having severe weather almost daily in my area.  The majority of the storms have been thunder and lightning, severe winds and rain.  We've had at least two more hail storms though, the worst coming one day shy of a month since the first one.  David was at work so I was home alone, but at least this time I had my flashlight, my keys, my cell phone, and I was wearing my tennis shoes!  I feel like the entire town was more prepared this time.  The police department sent out an automated call to all published landline phone numbers to alert that a tornado had reportedly touched down in the area.  I don't have a landline phone so my Mother called me to make sure that I knew.  At the same time the civil defense / air raid sirens around town began going off and continued until the storm was over.  I live across the street from a school that has a siren so there was no mistaking the urgency.

This particular picture was taken by the mother of a student that my friend Glenn coaches.  They were at the school for practice when the storm began and she snapped this photo.  Scary, isn't it?


This first video was me looking out the door when the hail was just getting started.  You can see the pieces bouncing off of my already dented car!  The sound is bad on this video because of the air raid sirens going off in the background - it was too much for my digital camera to pick up.


This next one is when the storm got really bad.  This is when I was back inside huddled in the downstairs hallway wishing David was home!  I'm looking up at one of our skylights and the window on the landing.  You can hear how loud it gets as the hail gets bigger.

This one was taken after the hail was over.  It gives you and idea of how strong the wind was and how much rain came down.  The electricity was off at this point as well so you can't see much past my neighbor's house.

These next few pictures are ones that I took after the storm was completely over.

Hail on the ground, but no where near as much as in April.

Walking down the street a bit to show all of the rain water that had no where to go.

Looking up the street.

And down the street looked like an absolute muddy river.

A neighbor's yard.

Those are all of the wild weather photos that I have to share for today.  Let's hope the weather stays nice so that I won't need to share any more!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll be back to posting again on Monday :)

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Kim said...

Jessie- I'm so thankful that you and David and your family are okay. Your pictures are incredible- it makes me so sad to see all the devastation from these storms. I hope that you have only good weather for the rest of the summer ♥