Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but the can tab bracelets are pretty popular.  Almost every time I wear one someone wants to try it on or asks if I can make a bracelet for them.  My reply is always, "Sure, just save your tabs and I'll put it together for you."
Well, it appears that some people have taken me quite literally.  The bag you see in the above picture contains nine and a half pounds of aluminum can tabs!   My friend Josh got these from a friend of his and brought them to me.  I have no idea how long he had been saving them.  This bag is mostly regular tabs with a few Redbull, Monster, Rockstar, and various others mixed in.

David just about died when he saw the bag.  His concern of course was that sometimes I tend to start a project and then not finish it.  When it comes to crafts I will admit to having many projects all going at the same time.  So I promised that I would not let the tabs take over.  My idea (other than making more bracelets) is to make a beaded curtain.  It wouldn't be too hard, I just need to find a length of small silver chain links on my next trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Until then I've just got to clean the tabs and separate them.  They were very sticky so the above picture is approximately five pounds of tabs in my kitchen sink.  Aluminum will not rust and is very resistant to corrosion as well.

This pictures is of my two newest bracelets.  The red tab came from a can of Redbull Cola and the blue one from a can of sugar free Redbull.  The rest of the bracelets were done with regular silver Redbull tabs.  I would love to be able to make a Redbull bracelet that is red, silver, and blue all the way around, but that might be difficult given that they don't make the cola anymore.  I might have to do some searching on amazon or ebay to see if someone has some still lying around... :)


Marilyn said...

That is a LOT of tabs! You might like to try Fire Mountain Gems for beading supplies. I love to get things from their catalogs! ♥♫

Kim said...

Jessie- you're back!! I've missed your blog posts! That is a boatload of pop tabs! You are going to be a busy gal :)