Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog hiatus is over!

After a much needed break from blogging I'm back and ready to start posting again :)  I'm glad to see that there are still plenty of you guys out there!  Thanks for sticking around! 

Today I'll start by sharing a few pictures of some of the crafts that I've been working on recently.  I started making these aluminum can tab bracelets this past December.  They are fun to wear and super easy to make.  The first one is made out of tabs from the energy drink Monster.  And no, I didn't drink these all by myself!  One of my favorite bartenders was kind enough to collect them for me :)

The bracelet below is made with tabs from the energy drink Red Bull.  It took a little longer to make these than the bracelets I made with regular can tabs.  The bull on top is a little hard to work with and the Monster tabs have no opening on the top so I had to use a nail to poke two small holes into  each one.

I'm working on a couple new ones so I will probably post more pics tomorrow.  Until then everyone have a great evening!

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