Friday, November 27, 2009

Updated pics of the saloon - check out the board and batten siding!

Here's a recent shot of the inside of the saloon. You may remember our dear friend Jack working tirelessly on the upstairs flooring a few weeks ago. Well I'm happy to say that both floors are now finished! For some reason in the picture the flooring looks dark, but these are actually just regular skinny sticks. I do sort of like the color in the photo though, so I may look for a stain in a similar shade.

And finally to show everyone what I've been working so hard on. A fellow Greenleaf member suggested that I go with board and batten for the outside of my saloon. After googling a few pics I really started liking the look and decided to give it a try. I think it turned out wonderfully, but boy did it ever take a LONG time!

The quote that I gave my Greenleaf friends was something like this:

"Siding strip, hot glue gun, burn my fingers, skinny stick, wood glue, glue my fingers together, curse and repeat."

And If you ask my b/f this is pretty much exactly what I did! I added the door and windows temporarilly to give a better picture. As you can see I had to remove the porch roof and posts in order to do this.

And here's a view of one of the sides.

And a view of the other side. Once again I had to remove the balcony and the stairs in order to add the siding. I'll try not to be quite so overzealous the next time I'm building. Taking apart pieces that have been glued for months is no fun whatsoever. I will have to rebuild parts of the stairs myself when they go back on. I'm looking into a couple of different painting techniques right now as I do want the outside of the saloon to look aged when I'm done.

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