Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Incandescent light bulbs and mini liquor bottles

I touched on this subject many posts ago, but wanted to give an update. Inside of every incandescent light bulb is a tiny liquor bottle. And given that I'm building a saloon I'll be needing as many bottles as I can get. We've already switched to the new compact fluorescents at my apartment so I've had to get my Mom to save her old bulbs for me as she begins to switch over. This was much easier than my first try as I bought a glass cutter from Hobby Lobby (used my 40% off coupon too). I found a video on youtube where a guy gave step by step instructions on cutting glass, which was very helpful as well. I'm at work

This picture shows the bottle still inside the bulb and also one that's been removed.

This is a close up to show you the bottle after it's been removed.

Here's a pic with the label attached to show you the finished product. The label is a printie and it says, "Jack Daniels Old No. 7." I think these will look great once I have a whole shelf of them to put behind the bar!

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Kim said...

Wow- looks exactly like a liquor bottle at the end too!