Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to some new followers :)

Today I would like to say hello and welcome to a few new followers.  I'm happy to say that I'm up to 66 blog followers!

First is Hiromon from Kawanishi City.  This person has 2 blogs and the one that I can read has lots of different youtube videos from places they have visited.

Second is Norma who is from Sydney Australia.  According to her profile she has loved dollhouses since she was a little girl.

Third is Hawaii Kawaii who is from Sweden.  She likes pink, art, flamingos, and lots of other cool stuff.

Fourth is Angeles who is from Ibiza Baleares Spain.  This person is also interested in minis.

Fifth is Karin for whom I cannot find a profile or a blog.  If you have one please share!

Sixth is Steve Julian who is from the Fort Alexander Indian Reserve in Manitoba Canada.  His blog can be found at   The header for his blog reads, "Life of an Ojibway Indian living in Canada. Sharing thoughts on politics, activism, spirituality, community changes, urban Indians, identity and Life in the Reserve"

Seventh is Chrischronicles.  I don't see a profile or a blog for this user either so if you have one please share :)

Eight is Lize from Saudi Arabia.  Her profile says she is interested in interior decorating and miniatures.
Another of her blogs is and it shows beautiful pictures that she has taken.

Ninth is Sylvia who is from Almere Flevoland Netherlands.  She is interested in miniatures and dogs.

Hello and welcome to all of you - I am glad that you are here!


Kim said...

Hi Jessie! I know Chris Chronicles :) Chris is a very talented mixed media artist- her blog is

Hope you have a a great week!!!

Jenny said...

Good morning! I keep wanting to do this shout out is such a great idea! ACCCCKKK! I need another two hours in the day!

Norma said...

Thank you for your welcome :)

Steve Julian said...

Very nice of you to welcome new followers. I am not sure how I got to your site. Usually I get the sites from blogs I follow. So it might have been found that way. I like the blog, it's fun.