Friday, March 19, 2010

Mini gifts from Kim!!!

I want to do a couple posts now to show everyone the wonderful gifts that I received over the last couple of weeks.  There's nothing better when you're feeling sick and miserable than to find a surprise in the mail!

Kim sent me these amazing minis that are just perfect for my old west saloon!  I was just tickled to death when I saw them :)  And even better is that 2 of the pieces are actually on the wish list that I have running down the side of my blog - too perfect!
I love the little tin can of Prince Albert tobacco!  My Dad recognized what it was immediately.  I don't think you can find the brand itself anymore, but it used to be very popular.  Here's a great old poster that I found from the brand.

And I just absolutely adore the pistol!  This is my favorite piece and I can't wait to use it in my saloon.
Thanks so much Kim - you are the best!

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Kim said...

You are so welcome Jessie! I am glad that they made you feel better when you were sick- I LOVE your wish list on the side- when I noticed it I knew I had to get some of the items off of it for you:) You are such a sweet friend♥ I am glad I met you in blogland!