Monday, December 28, 2009

Mini travel trunk

Amid the hustle and the bustle of the Christmas holidays I did find a little time to do a new mini project. I was pleased with the way it turned out so I wanted to share some pictures with everyone.

I started with one of those little wooden trunks that Micheal's carries. I liked this one because it had little grooves carved into the top and the front - one on each side and on each end as well. I sanded, stained with Minwax Provincial 211, sanded again, and then stained one final time.

I wanted travel stickers for the outside so that I could make it look like an old trunk that my Mom has. I found a great website called that had wonderful collections of travel stickers from all over the world. So needless to say I don't own nor do I have the rights to any of these stickers, but I don't plan on selling my travel trunk. I do though plan on buying some stickers from their website because they would go really great in my scrapbook. I used a sheet of plain address labels to print the stickers out with and then very carefully cut them out.

After placing the stickers I used Minwax fast-drying Polyurethane clear satin spray to finish everything. I did two coats and it really helped to seal the stickers into place and gave the wood a nice shine.

I then used some very thin leather/suede strips and glued them to the two inner grooves. I think it gave the trunk a nice finishing touch.

Here's a view of the top of the trunk. I especially love the "Endless Caverns" sticker.

And here's the right side of the trunk.

And the left side. On this side I love the "Reno" sticker and also the "Sunshine Lake" sticker.

Above is nice view of the front of the trunk. On this view I like the Indian sticker that says "Steak House" and also the "Yellowstone Park" sticker.

For the inside of the travel trunk I wanted to do something special. I used newspaper print that I found at Jim's Printable Minis to line the inside with.

Here is a close up of the inside top of the trunk. If you've ever been to Jim's website then you probably recognize this wonderful printie.

And this is a view of the bottom inside of the trunk.  I hope you enjoyed the pics of my new mini!


Kim said...

Jessie!!! This looks so great!!! I love it! What a great job you did :) Hope your christmas was wonderful :)

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks Kim it was a fun mini to make. My Christmas was great - I hope yours was too!