Saturday, December 19, 2009

45 followers - wow!

Did I ever mention that you guys are the best?  I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for reading my blog and also thanks for sharing yours with me!

Today I want to introduce and welcome a new follower.  Her name is Lisa and her blog can be found at  Take a minute to look around her blog, it is well worth the time.  She does amazing paintings of angels and she is very talented.  She also sells through etsy so I had to bookmark that as well.

And I wanted to show you some lovely Christmas bags today as well.  You should be able to click the pictures to make them bigger.  My Aunt Sandy who lives very far away would send us wonderful gifts for Christmas when my sister and I were little.  She would send them wrapped up in these cloth Christmas bags.  I had completely forgotten about them until my Mother and I were going through Christmas ornaments the other day.  They are very easy to make - cut the cloth to the size you want, fold it, sew up the sides, and then take a matching ribbon and sew it into place to use as a drawstring.

My favorite is this one with the celestial angels - it reminded me of Lisa's blog.  I bet she would like this one as well!

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