Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heroes In A Half Shell - Turtle Power!

I have been "attempting" to spruce up my blog a bit.  I read a couple of tutorials and think I have finally figured out how to widen the reading pane.  It always baffles me that blogs are so narrow and there is all of that wasted space on the sides.  I also added a google translator because I am always thankful for those when I find a great mini site that's in another language and I really want to read what it says! 

I also found this adorable little widget (or at least I think that's what it's called) that I added as well.  Right now you have to scroll to the very bottom to see it but I may move it to the side instead.  It's a little turtle tank with two hungry turtles inside!  You click on the tank to feed them and they rush right over to you - it's just like the real thing!  I've seen other cute widgets on blogs with hungry fish and even one with a hungry hamster :) 

I got to thinking about it and I don't know if I've ever shared any pictures of my turtles with everyone or not.  So I went searching for some pics of my real turtles and found some of Herman when he was just a baby.  He is a Red Eared Slider or RES and this was when he was only about the size of a quarter.  He was such a cute little guy!

Here he was posing at the side of the tank so I could tak his picture.  This was back when I could put gravel in his tank.  As he got bigger he started to eat it (bad idea) so we had to gett rid of all the pretty rocks.

And here he is on his little land area.  This was a very tiny tank - maybe 10 or 20 gallons at the most.  As you can see he had a lovely background to look at.  He had some fake plastic plants for decoration (had to get rid of those because he munched on them as well!) and also a sort of gargoyle guy in the background to guard his stuff.  But he really just liked to sit right there in front of his palm tree.  It was with him when I adopted him so I guess it reminded him of home.

Aren't turtle behinds just so cute?!

And here's a long view to show you his swimming area.

And finally an overhead view while he was taking a nap.  Too cute!!!

I'll post some pics soon, you'll never believe how big he is now!!!  Oh, and I almost forgot - "poke" the pictures like Casey always says on her blog to see them bigger!

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Kim said...

Jessie- he is adorable! I cannot wait to see how big he is now!