Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to 5 more followers!

Now to introduce our 5 new members! I've had a chance to look through some of their blogs and now I've got alot more reading to do! First is Tink - I'm not sure where she's from because I can't read all of her blog. She does have some really beautiful roomboxes - check out her flower shop - it's so cute! And since it seems she likes Tinkerbell I think we would get along pretty well since I'm a huge fan of Neverland.

Second is Linda - Linda is from Sydney Australia. I can't say that I know her, but I do know of her because as I was starting through her blog I saw one of my favorite entries to the Greenleaf Spring Fling contest from this year. Also I'm anxious to read more of her blog as she is building a Beacon Hill to go along with one that she has already finished. She's going to line them up back to back to make one complete house!

Third is Katy - Katy is from Peralada Gerona Spain. And I found so many blogs listed for her that I honestly haven't been able to look at them all yet! I did see some beautiful artwork and some great minis though, so now I have alot to check out!

Fourth is Le Promeneur - Le Promeneur is from Quebec Canada and his blog says that he is an artist in the world of fantasy Lowbrow. He has some very interesting artwork so definitely check it out!

Fifth is Linda, but I don't see a blog or any info for her yet, but she is definitely welcome here! And I don't know if it was my computer or Blogger's site that was having problems today, but I wasn't able to join anyone's blog. I like to join all of my follower's blogs because I love reading about minis and I learn so much from you guys! So I will definitely try again tomorrow.

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TINK-SONIA said...

Hi Jessie.Thanks for your amiable words of welcome and to follow my blog, your minis get passionate and I enjoy much seeing your miniwork. I am a great fan of Peter Pan and the wonderful music of Michael Jackson so we have a pile of tastes common.I live in Madrid,Spain and now you have a minipal here.
Excuse me for my bad English! Minikisses, Sonia.