Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gifts from Mexico!

Sorry for being absent for so long, but life has been busy as of late. Starting tomorrow I am on vacation for the next two weeks so I hope to get caught up on lots of things, including my blog.

I also wanted to say thanks to Kim for posting the link to Tarapiglet's blog because I couldn't find hers when she first joined us here. If you haven't checked it out already her blog is at As you can guess she loves Winnie the Pooh and she has some super cute and creative stuff!

For now I wanted to share some amazing gifts that my friend Tina brought me from Mexico. Her husband's family lives in a place called Leon City in Guanajuato State, Mexico and she brought back these darling little pieces of pottery. One is a pan with a lid and the other looks like a little kettle with a lid and a little metal handle. They remind me of the old blue and white spotted enamelware sets that you used to see. The swirley stuff in the plastic is candy, but Tina couldn't remember what it was called. To me it looks like a fruit roll-up!

The little kettle is full of this amazingly rich and thick sugary candy that I'm sure has a million calories per spoonful! Tina called it "milk candy." It almost looks like and starts off tasting like caramel, but it sort of finishes with almost a fruity or maybe a nutty taste. Whatever it's made of - it's delicious!

I'll post again as soon as I can. I know we have 5 new followers so I really want to meet everyone and check out what great new blogs you guys have to share!

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Kim said...

what cute little pottery! I hope you have a fab vacation!!!!