Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flea market finds!

I am so excited to share my new treasures with everyone! Since I'm on vacation for 2 weeks I decided to take my Mother to the flea market yesterday (she's been "mentioning" that she'd like to go forever so it was time for a good daughter deed). And yes, September is a weird time of year for vacation, but I turn 30 on Saturday so I used this time to enjoy the last of my 20's and also to prepare to celebrate this weekend!
So you may remember many posts back when my Mother had bought some liquor/wine bottles for the saloon. At the time I thought they were a bit too expensive, but since then I have learned more about minis - both the ones that I am willing to pay for and the ones that I would rather make myself. She bought the bottles from a lady who has a booth set up at the flea market (thankfully inside one of the buildings as it was 80 degrees here yesterday!) And now I'm wondering why I didn't listen to my Mother sooner - the booth isn't huge, but the owner has a good selection and she also said she could get requested items. I was so excited looking at everything that I completely forgot to get her name though.
Anyway, on to the new minis! Here are the pictures:
I got this adorable little twin size trundle bed ($10), a wooden box of cigars ($2), and a chess set ($6).
The trundle bed itself isn't for the saloon, but I thought it would be great for Sophie and Olive since they love being together. I am still working on my own toddler beds for the two of them, but that's going to take a bit longer. And since Kitty, Sophie, and Olive have all taken up residence in the saloon for the time being, I figured it was time for a bit of furniture. Also I'm part of the travel doll project that is going on at Greenleaf and Emma will be coming to visit us sometime in October so I really do need to try and spruce the place up a bit! I'm afraid my saloon is going to be the most unfinished house that she's stayed in so far, but hopefully she won't mind.
I'm not exactly thrilled about the fabric on the bed or even the little thing at the top that is supposed to pass for a pillow, but both are easily fixed. I'm going to have to find some extremely thin batting material to use for the pull out bed because I think it needs a mattress as well.
And here is shot of the cigar box open. The cigars inside are not removable. Once again this problem is easily solved. As you can see I've already got my Easy Cutter out and used three toothpicks to make more cigars. Now to just paint them brown with that little dot of gold and they'll be perfect for the saloon. I also saved the ends of the toothpicks to make into little pencils for some future project.
The chess set is probably my favorite of them all. I was so excited when I got home and opened it to realize that the board is actually a magnet and all of the tiny metal pieces actually stay put! I can't wait to see the board up on a wooden barrel sitting next to the window in the saloon. The only part that I don't like is the yellow color, but since it's just a sticker I think that can be replaced as well. I have some printer labels around here somewhere that should do the trick.

That's all for now! Adios!


Kim said...

Jessie- I have been to your blog a couple of times now and I keep getting interrupted before I can leave a comment! I love all your finds- that cigar box is awesome and will look so great in the saloon! I also want to say thank you for the book recommendation- I love to read and was thinking I needed a new book. I am going to see if I can find the first book if it is a series- off to visit the web links you gave us! Hope your vacation is going awesome so far :)

beyondbaffled said...

Kim you'll love the Outlander series - definitely read them all. My copies are paperback so they're very tattered from so much reading (and re-reading!) I know my local library has the entire series of books and also has them on tape/cd so you may want to try that as well.