Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mini works in progress...

I've been making some new minis in my spare time.  School is stressing me out and sometimes I don't even care if I study or if I sleep.  I just want a little of my time to be my own - no school, no work, no studying, no clinicals, no housework, no modules, no sim lab, no stress!!!

Anyway, rant over.  I've been working on my country cottage kit and as you can see there is still tons to be done.  The blue paint needs to be touched up and chair rail and baseboards added.  The wood floor needs to be restained and of course the windows and doors put back in.

I have an image of how I want the tiny little shabby chic living area to look.  I was thinking a nice overstuffed couch and some cute end tables / coffee tables with lots of fun knick knacks sitting around.

Above is my most recent couch made using Kris's tutorial at 
I seriously love her blog.  Everything she makes is beautiful.  And I have had so much fun making tiny furniture with her super easy to follow tutorials.  I wanted a sort of fancy looking solid color couch with some gentle contrast from the piping.  I like the way it turned out, but it does take up a ton of floor space.  I may reconsider and just go with an oversized armchair, or maybe two smaller ones with a side table inbetween.  Who knows?  I'm never perfectly happy with the way anything turns out!  But at least I get better with every try :)

The side table you've probably seen before.  The tutorial came from pastilka at
She makes alot of beautiful stuff as well and not just minis.  It still needs to be finished with findings added for the drawer knobs and legs of some sort to make it tall enough to sit beside of the couch.

I'd like a couple of small tables, not really all matching, but all with some sort of shabby or antique sort of look.  I'm also wondering if a rug would be cute?  I don't want to cover up much of the wood flooring, mostly because I worked so hard cutting out all of those pieces and figuring out a cool pattern.  I still want it to be seen.  I did find a neat tutorial on pinterest that used soft drink bottle caps to make a mini ottoman that I might use as well.  I want books, and tiny porcelain figurines, and maybe some framed prints on the wall.  Possibly an elegant chandelier hanging overhead?  So many ideas!  I'm hoping for a very cozy looking space.  I don't mind a little clutter either.

And once I'm ever satisfied with my kitchenette I'll add those pieces into the background.  I want the back half of the room to have tile or linoleum flooring, something white and bright.  I have all of the pieces now, my min fridge, the metal sink, stove, and oven top.  It all just needs to be put together.  And once it is you won't see the lines on the wall where the door once was that I covered up!

Happy Sunday everyone!