Friday, September 26, 2014

More Halloween decorations!

I found a link on Pinterest recently that lead to a forum where everyone was discussing Halloween decorations.  Just my kind of place, right?!  The post that linked from Pinterest was about using tiny magnets to hang plastic Halloween spiders.  The author had done a great creepy crawly scene on his front door.

I had 2 unopened bags of plastic spiders leftover from last year from the Dollar Tree and I went back to buy 2 more.  The ones this year aren't hard plastic like before, but are made from some really squishy plastic.  At first I thought I wouldn't like them as much, but it makes the spider legs jiggly and they will move a little as you walk by.

And lucky me I have a big metal door!  I didn't want to hang them on the outside for fear of someone maybe snatching them so they are all on the inside.  Which is sort of more fun because if a guest is paying attention then they will see them as they shut the door after coming in.  And if not then it always gets them on the way out!

As suggested on the forum I went online looking for tiny magnets.  Fridge magnets aren't very strong and tend to slide and move around.  The post author had used rare earth magnets, which are super tiny and super strong.  There are youtube videos where people use them to hang up tools in their garage or pots and pans in their kitchen.  Above is a fuzzy pic to give you and idea of size.  They come all stuck together in tiny rods - and do not come apart easily.  I found mine on amazon - 50 for just a few dollars and free shipping.  I found sets of 100 or more than can be ordered from Hong Kong, but it would take weeks for them to get here so I went with an amazon store that was state side.
I used hot glue to attach the magnets to the back of the spiders.  It doesn't work perfectly as the hot glue doesn't want to attach to the plastic, but these won't stay up all year anyway.  A couple of them I had to do more than once, but so far only one has fallen off of my door.

The original post had it set up to look as if they were coming from the outside through the upper corner of the door.  I did mine to match.

And here they are gathering around the door knob!  Perfect and creepy!  I do need to get a couple more bags to fill in the gaps and make it look like a real swarm of bugs is headed for the door knob, but that will probably have to wait for the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!

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