Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lisa's Country Cottage Kit Part I

This kit came up a while ago on an absolutely huge sale.  It was the kit for last year's creative contest or building along or something or another.  David was sweet enough to buy it for me and after like a 75% off discount I think it was $29.99.  It may have even had free shipping if I remember correctly.  I adore tiny houses like these real life ones at and this cottage reminded me of them.

The base was four long pieces with this larger platform piece on the top.  I'm trying my best to put this one together with no goof-ups so I started out with my level.

I took cardstock and made patterns of all of the inside walls.

I figured I could use these later to make it easier to add wallpaper to the inside rooms.

Above is a dry fit of the outside of the house minus doors, windows, and the porch posts.

And a dry fit showing the inside.  They really didn't leave alot of room for the ladder to get up into the loft space, did they?

Remember me saying that I wanted to avoid "goof-ups?"  I hate to even include this picture, but you'll see this mess in a few posts anyway.  The only thing that I thought the cottage was missing was a bathroom.  I thought I could cut a door in one of the side walls and then wall in a small section of the porch to use for a bathroom.  Great idea huh?  Not quite...

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Kim said...

I think this house is going to be so cute Jessie. I'm excited to see more of it :)

Susan Hamilton said...

This kit is no longer available and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give the basic measurements? Height, width, footprint etc. If it's too much trouble don't worry about it. Your photos are so good I can probably wing it easily.

beyondbaffled said...

I'm sorry I haven't logged into my blog in quite a while. Susan do you still want the dimensions for this kit? If you see this by chance just send me an email to that way I can reply directly to you :)