Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinterest in action! Functional Fan-folded Books

So are you using Pinterest yet?  I just joined recently and am already addicted.  I do wonder a bit about how their terms of service are worded, but that's for another post.

I have a whole list of craft projects "pinned" that I am eager to try out.  School has kept me extraordinarily busy this semester so I unfortunately haven't gotten around to many of them yet.  In January I took a CNA training class and I'm also taking Microbiology and Medical Terminology this semester as well.  I plan on taking a couple more prerequisite classes - A&P I and II so that I can apply to nursing school.

Anyway, back on topic.  I have tried out a few projects that I found on Pinterest so I wanted to share one of them with you guys today.

This is a project that I actually found through homemadesimple.com and wanted to try so I saved it to Pinterest so I wouldn't forget.  The original instructions can be found here:

First you need a book.  Not one that you're going to want to read again - just one that you've finished with or bought at a second hand store.  I got mine from the local YWCA for $1.  They were having a book sale to benefit their children's programs so even better!

I got a hardback book because I thought it would look and work better.  I won't give the title just in case someone out there has read it and thinks that I've commited some kind of reading sacrilage.

Basically you fold each page in half and tuck it between the neighboring pages - and that's it!  Simplest craft project ever.  And I adore it.  I always have a multitude of paper scraps laying all over my desk - phone numbers, appointment cards, coupons, Post-it notes, etc.  Of course this isn't going to get rid of all of that, but it does give me a super cute way to keep it all in one semi-organized place.

Here's my finished product!  My book organizer sits to the left of my computer screen (I'm left-handed) so everything is within easy reach.  It's so cute that I'd love to do another, but I haven't thought of another place in the apartment where one would be useful yet.

That's all for today.  If you are on Pinterest feel free to add me -

Have a great Tuesday!


Marilyn said...

That is super cute. I need to get organized!!♥♫

Maria said...

How cool is that?! Our "office" is now going to be baby 2's room, so we have to bring the computer desk out to the living room or dining room (insert sarastic 'yay' here). I'm SO going to need to get more organized!!

Plushpussycat said...

Hi beyondbaffled! I haven't joined Pinterest yet, because I don't have the time--too busy making dioramas and plushy photo stories, plus following blogs of interest. This is a cool project! I like your blog and am so glad I found it today! :-) Jennifer