Monday, March 19, 2012

I am forever losing my keys...

I am always misplacing my keys.  Either I'm absent minded or easily distracted or maybe I am just trying to do too many things all at once when I get home every day.  But it never seems to fail, within seconds of crossing the threshhold of my front door my keys are no longer in my  hand.

So purely by accident I found a super cute place to store my keys.  I love the Glade Scented Oil decorative glass holders - they have so many styles and colors to choose from.  The replacement oil candles have a tiny piece of metal on the bottom so they stick to the holder.  What also sticks are the metal rings on my keychain.  I feel the magnetic pull and hear the little click when the ring touches the magnet and I'm hoping that it will also "click" in my mind exactly where I left my keys.

I am seriously trying everything I know in order to stop losing my keys.  Really I am far too old to be doing this.  I read somewhere that if where you put your keys is not in your short term memory then there is no way for you to recall their location.  Tricks to making sure that you do make that memory are as simple as putting your keys in the same place (your special storage spot) every single time.  The same place in your purse or the same place in your house.  If you think about it this way then there are only 5 possible places that my keys can ever be:

1.  In my car's ignition
2.  In my purse
3.  In my hands
4.  In my pocket
5.  In my Glade candle jar

Another trick that I read was to simply say aloud where you left your keys.  Like, "I'm leaving my keys on the corner of the dining room table."  That way the memory is there just waiting to be recalled two or three hours later when you're running around like crazy trying to get ready for work or school.

Anyway, I hope you like my idea for how not to lose your keys.  Happy Monday everyone!

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miniannalee said...

I like the idea.. I'm gonna have to steal this idea for my boyfriend.. He is always loosing his keys.. I clip mine to my purse. If i were to lay them down anywhere my cats would knock them to the floor and then they are fair game for any one to play hockey with.