Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest in action! Organize your store cards

As I have posted before I am addicted to Pinterest.  I have pinned so many craft projects that I will probably never have enough time to try them all.  Today though I found a cute, simple, organize-one-of-those-annoying-little-things-in-your-life kind of pins that was so clever I had to try it out right away.

This is so simple that I imagine other people have probably already figured it out, but just in case there are others out there like me who are still organizationally challenged I thought I would share.

The original pin came from this website:

As you can see from the pictures above all I have to do is unzip my wallet and all of my cards come tumbling out - along with some loose change!  I can't stand putting the cards on my keychain because they make my car and house keys too bulky.  But I still have to carry them around or I forfeit my discount when I go to the grocery store!  The original blogger basically took a spare keyring (which I already had a bag of) and punched holes into all of her cards.  Since I was just using store cards mine already had holes in them.  The original blogger even included her restaurant gift cards on her keyring, but when David and I have those they don't last long enough.

The bottom left picture shows how my cards are now neat and organized - from my library card to my grocery store discount cards.  My Thirty-One bag comes with a link already sewn into the side where I hooked a pink carabiner to hang things that I want to be able to grab without having to hunt through my purse. As you can see from the bottom right picture it holds my keys, a mini flashlight, and now my organized store cards!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Kim said...

I am addicted to pinterest too- I usually just like things instead of repinning and I now have enough projects to last me a lifetime also :) I put a tutorial up on my garden chandelier if you want to take a look :) have a good week Jessie!!!