Monday, June 14, 2010

An old friend...

A while back my parents went out of town for the weekend for a mini vacation.  My Mom is one of those people who always has to buy a little something to bring home to everyone.  She also likes to be sneaky about it and drop little hints as to what the gift may be...

My hints were:

"It's an old friend..."


"It's someone that you haven't seen in a really long time..."

*Drum roll please*

Here's what she got for's a giant piggy bank!  Lol!

As you can see my new piggy friend a little bit cross-eyed ;)

Her paint job isn't the best and I almost wonder if I could just repaint her completely.  I wonder what kind of paint I would use?

Late last year my Mom and I were going through some old pictures and we came across these of my first piggy bank.  I told her that I was so sad when it got broke years ago.  Little to my knowledge my Mom had been searching for a new pig for me since Christmas!

I used to love that pig!  I saved all of my pennies (and the occasional quarter, nickel, or dime) for years.  I remember when my parents had company over that I would hit people up for the change they had in their pockets.  I even got the occasional dollar bill folded up and stuffed inside! 

So anyway, my Mom is just the best Mom ever and I love my new piggy bank! :)  And just to let you know all of those years ago I saved up my pennies and bought a brand new hot pink banana seat bicycle - complete with pink and white streamers!

Who knows what I'll save my pennies up for this time?


Kim said...

cutest post ever!! Your Mom is so sweet- searching for that piggy bank for you! I don't think the paint job looks that bad- maybe just the eyes are a bit odd :)

Levonne said...

Wonderful pig! I love it! Fascinating hobby that you have! I love the quote in your header. I prefer to think of excessive interest in a hobby as passion! Come see me at my two blogs. I'd love your comments.