Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mini vanity mirror

Just a quick post for today, but I had promised to share a pic of the mini vanity mirror that I bought the other weekend at the flea market.

It was super hard to get a pic where the flash didn't just white everything out.  I love how the edges have that sort of chipped metal look like old antique mirrors.  I want to use this upstairs in the saloon on a bedside table or maybe beside of a washstand with a bowl and pitcher.  I thought it was a great deal for $2 :)

The main reason that I wanted the mirror is because it reminded me of my great-grandmother's tabletop vanity mirror.  I have no idea how old the real mirror is.  I do know that the dresser the mirror is sitting on is part of the bedroom suite that my Granny got for her wedding.  I don't know what type of glass older mirrors were made of, but I love the cloudy sort of fogged look that they get around the edges.  I'll work on getting some pics of the entire bedroom to share with everyone so you guys can see how beautiful it really is.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

I have an antique brass mirror that I bought from an estate sale- looks just like these. My girls use it to play with make-up. It makes you wonder just how many generations looked into these mirrors?

Kim said...

oh- it's so sweet Jessie! I think it's perfect for the saloon! I love it! I'd love to see your Grandma's bedroom set- I love antique furniture- they just don't make things like they used to!

beyondbaffled said...

"It makes you wonder just how many generations looked into these mirrors?"
@Chris - very cool thought!

@Kim - I will be posting pics of the bedroom suite soon :)