Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot fun in the summertime!

As you may remember from a few posts back Sophie has been begging me to take her swimming. At first I was against the idea, but after some creative thinking I was able to come up with a fun day that Sophie and Olive both seemed to enjoy. As you'll see from the pics below my parent's lawn is in need of a cut, but the girls didn't seem to mind. Sophie is actually swimming in a floating frog soap dish, but at her size it makes a perfect blow-up kiddie pool. And Olive is playing in the sandbox that I was working on in the last post.
In this pic you'll see Sophie encouraging Olive to come and join her in the pool.

But, as you can tell Olive is intent on building a sandcastle. She filled the tin watering can in the frog pool and carried it back to the sandbox careful not to spill a single drop. She also borrowed the red pail and shovel from my Mom's shadowbox. Olive is very convincing when she wants to be - she was able to talk my Mom into letting her keep the watering can since it was one of a pair. Unfortunately we - oops, I mean Olive wasn't able to talk my Mom into letting us keep the pail and shovel. I would like to maybe paint the sandbox red, purely for sentimental reasons though, as the one I had growing up was painted red.

But eventually a little sisterly convincing / pestering won out. The girls had great fun splashing around and playing a game of toss with the beach ball.

I'll leave you with one last overhead shot of the girls playing out in the backyard. I don't know how well you could tell from the pictures, but I hand sewed the tiny bikini bottoms. I took a small piece of fabric and folded it in half and then cut semi-circles out of the bottom edges. I then fitted the bottoms on the dolls and folded the tops over at the waist and sewed the sides together. I definitely need to search online for some free clothes patterns so that I can do a bit more practicing. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the pics!


Kim said...

Adorable! So great that the girls can enjoy the summer :) That soap holder does make the most perfect pool- and the sandbox turned out great!

Kathi said...

Your beach babies are so cute! Love the pool and the sandbox!

beyondbaffled said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the pics - it was fun collecting all of the pieces and setting up the scenes to take the pictures!