Saturday, July 18, 2009

31 followers and I finally finished up the introductions!

And that is probably the only good thing that I have been able to accomplish all week. I've been miserably sick and spent most of this week in bed (we're talking 12+ hours each and every day) but the few times that I could handle sitting up I did spend a bit of time online.

I would like to thank all 31 of my followers and I promise to never get behind on introductions again! Introductions like these on other sites are how I've found some fabulous blogs out there! And those of you who have blogs for things other than minis, such as poetry or family, have inspired me to share a bit more of myself as well. I'm thinking of starting another blog for some of my writing.

Anyway, now to introduce a few more followers:
First is Maija who is from Nousiainen, Finland. Even with the google translation gadget I couldn't read everything, but I saw some great mini pics, which is good enough for me! Check out her blog at

Second is Dora who is from Barcelona, Spain. She has many many blogs to check out! These range from minis to paintings and more!
Third is Kathi who is from Birmingham Alabama. Her blogs have beautiful music and are both enchanting and inspiring! Check out her blogs here:
And next is Caseymini and honestly she probably needs no introduction for the majority of you. Casey has been making minis since the 80s and is from Tucson Arizona. Casey's blog is more than amazing. There is so much that you can learn about minis and mini making from her blog. I finally just ended up starting at post #1 and started to read forward. Casey's tutorials will help you to learn how to make your own minis and I honestly think will end up saving you money as well. I highly recommend her blog

And the newest follower is Maria. I didn't see any profile for her, but she does have a blog about investing. Even without a mini blog she is very welcome here!
And to end this post I'll leave you with a new layout pic since I haven't posted any in a while. Both Kitty and Sophie have an interest in fishing so I see another outdoor adventure in the making :)


Kathi said...

Thanks for the introduction and welcome to my blog! Hope you are feeling better today. I'm off to read your posts!

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Jessie!