Monday, July 13, 2009

30 followers and new progress pics!

I'm excited to say that there are 30 followers to my blog! I'm just mad at myself that I've still not caught up on reviewing everyone's blogs. So over the weekend I did some more reading and I've got to say that you guys have some really wonderful blogs out there - greats pics, great ideas, and some of you have great music as well - that's something that I'd like to maybe figure out how to add to my blog.

So here goes: The first follower that I checked out was Susan Ghearing - I don't see any blog for her as of yet, but I'm still very glad that she's here!

Next is Casita Mini at This is one of the blogs with fabulous background music playing. From my very limited spanish classes (we're talking back in high school and college) I think casita means something like "small house." Anyway a great mini blog so definitely check it out.

And next would be Tiny Delights. I didn't see a blog, but the profile put this follower in Portugal. There was a link to a flickr album that had some great mini pics - some of the mini food was enough to make me hungry for real. Check out the link here

And now for Kabrina Dawn who is from Arizona. Her profile says that we have two things in common - she loves crafts and miniatures and that she has a business degree. Now if there was only a way to combine the two and make money!!! You can check out her blog at

Mags Cassidy is the next follower that I checked out and who is from the United Kingdom. This blog shows some really amazing realistic miniature food.

This next blog I have to go back to because for some reason it would not let me follow when I tried it the first time. Cre8 is from Florida and this blog seems to have a little bit of everything. Her profile also says that she has many pets including turtles so that's definitely something that she and I have in common. Check out her blog at

And the last one for tonight is Minna who is from Finland and who loves crocheting minis and making mini furniture. Check out this great blog at

And now I'll leave you with some pics of my mini making progress. First is one of my attempt to use Casey's tutorial about making pleats for a bed. The Bumblebee boxes didn't work out quite how I wanted them to, but I had spare pieces of wood that I painted vanilla creme to match the pieces of fence that I am using for the head and foot boards. The fabric that I used is not exactly pleated evenly as you can tell, but some of the bottom edge can be cut away once it's attached to the bed frame. I also splurged recently and bought myself a Singer handheld sewer from Wal-Mart (at $15 I thought it was a steal for someone who struggles to sew a button). And the little matching pillow is one of my first creations using the sewer. Next is a leftover box that jewelry comes in that I found at my Mom's. I used the box as a form and covered the outside with popsicle sticks. If you can see the bag of sand behind it then you might be able to guess where I'm going with this. And finally here are some more mini making supplies that I found over at my Mom's. She and my Dad are currently cleaning out their basement so there's lots of good stuff to be found. First the string I think could be roughed up and used for some nice mini rope to hang outside of my saloon. Gotta have something to tie those mini horses up with, right? Then the book in the middle is an old day planner of my Dad's from 1990. The cover is some of that fake leather looking stuff. I'd like to experiment around with it and make a more realistic looking cover for the scrapbook that I made for my Mom's birthday present. And also the pages of the planner are all edged in gold leaf or whatever you call it. I could use the scrapbook cutter (that I have yet to return to my Mom) and use the pages to make a mini Bible. My real Bible has a black leather cover with gold edged pages so that's what I thought of when I saw the planner paper. And the big wad of cottony stuff off to the right is just all of the insides that I stole out of the old jewelry boxes. I have plans to use those as mattress stuffing. Oops - had to come back and update this one after it was published! The little plush pink stickers that you see on the bottom of the planner are from my Mom's scrapbooking supplies. The "S" is for Sophie and the "O" is for Olive - I thought we might use them to decorate their beds whenever I'm finished.

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