Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scrapbook Sunday!

I haven't worked on my scrapbook in forever - and I mean FOREVER.  This is one of the most recent things that I've worked on - my first trip to Bonnaroo in 2007.  I would say that puts me about 8 years behind, but I know that my trip to Mardi Gras was before hurricane Katrina so that means there are pre-2005 pics and beads somewhere that need to be commemorated in scrapbook form :)

I'm not a scrapbook professional by any means - my stuff is all a little weird and probably won't appeal to anyone other than me, but I still enjoy the times when I find a way to pull it all together.  I keep just about everything, including things that most people would probably just toss out and store them away in my filing cabinet until I find a use for them.  I've had alot more time on my hands since passing the NCLEX so I've decided to pull everything out and start sorting it all so I can sort of plan future scrapbook pages.

As a scrapbook novice I've found that if I separate things into "categories" then I don't get frustrated so easily.  Right now I have 3 categories -

1.  The Background - the 12x12 piece of paper itself or some other large element that helps to tie the entire page together
2.  The Subject - for me this is usually pictures, ticket stubs, or just something physical from the date/time/event that I'm scrapping about
3.  The embellishments - anything decorative, lettering, stickers, etc.

I've been searching for scrapbook inspiration on Pinterest lately and on other blogs like my friend Emily's  She makes these smash books that are some of the most beautiful and organized memory albums that I have seen! :)

Another thing that I've noticed is that scrapbook pages seem to flow better in pairs.  So above would be page 1 of 2.  A music magazine came in the mail not too long after our trip and two of the pages were about the festival and featured the very prominent black and white fountain that is in Centeroo.  So I chose a black background to balance out all of the white in the pages.  I probably could have used scissors to trim the edge of the pages nicely, but I think I prefer the torn out look.  My subject here would be the two crowd pictures in the corners and one of the leftover iTunes cards that came with our tickets that year.  The frame that I used for the picture in the upper right hand corner actually came out of junk mail that we received from Camel cigarettes.  What was left after the perforated coupon was punched out looked just like a frame to me so I stored it away just in case!  What I call embellishments would probably be where I spelled out the event and year with stickers and the pieces that I cut out of the Bonnaroo guide about specific bands or entertainers that we saw.

And this would be page 2 of 2.  I included the bios for other bands that we saw and the sparkly red wristband for color.

This piece is probably one of my favorites :)  If you didn't think I was odd already then you probably will after I explain.  This was another piece of junk mail from Camel.  The two center squares were actually pictures of cigarette boxes.  I cut them out and used them as frames to show off David's friend's Bonnaroo haircut ;)

(Btw, you can click any of the pics to make them open larger in another tab.)

Pages 3 and 4 are kind of a hodgepodge of more band bios, some statistics about the festival that I cut out of the music magazine and my shiny silver ticket stub.  The piece behind the pic of David sunbathing is cut out from a cardboard 6-pack beer holder.  And behind the pic of David's temporary tattoo (it actually ended up being more permanent than he expected because he ended up with tan lines in the exact shape!) is a cut out of the names of bands who played at the festival.  I may go back and change this because I'd like to be able to fold the picture up to show all of the names beneath.

Half of the pictures that we took that year were with a black and white throw away camera.  This impromptu photo of me came out kind of nicely (especially with the random hippie in the background) so I used another piece of the silver Coors 6 pack holder to match the picture and the tiny pop of red to match the background.

I don't love pages 5 and 6 so much, but they'll do for now.  I'm not sure exactly why I picked blue other than maybe it matched the Flight of the Concords cut out.  I also used three more camel coupon cut-outs as frames.

Me and Swabby.

David and I <3 p="">

The Bonaroo arch.  Between the arch and the main stage is basically enough room to fit all 80,000 attendees.

I adore maps.  I keep them from every place that we visit so Bonnaroo was no different.  I used the map of the festival grounds as my background and layered everything else on top for this page.

And this is another one of my "fancy" (lol) 6-pack frame cut-outs illustrating David, Swabby, and Nick as the drinking team ;)

Happy Sunday blogland!


Emily Adams said...

Love these pages!! As long as you're documenting your memories, you don't have to be a professional ;) I actually really like that you used beer boxes for the picture mats - so fitting because drinking beer is an all day affair at Bonnaroo. Erin and I went in 2004 and I made a small 8x8 scrapbook. I've been thinking about doing a #throwbackthursday on my blog about old scrapbook pages (the ones I made pre-blog) and my Bonnaroo pages might be the perfect subject for that!! Thanks for the kind words about my scrapbooking :)

beyondbaffled said...

You're welcome! I'll look forward to seeing your Bonnaroo pages!