Saturday, June 1, 2013

Minis sent by airmail - how exciting!!!

What a nerd I am to be so excited, but I have never received anything by airmail!  And how adorable is it that the custom's label says "dollhouse fridge" lol!

Royal Mail postage on the other side - I'm guessing this is a (the?) queen?

As you know I have been looking for appliances for my cottage kitchen.  After searching through Greenleaf forum posts I discovered ELF Miniatures.  I can't believe I had never heard of them before!  Everything (and I mean everything) they have is fabulous!  Check out their kitchen pieces - almost everything is "opening" instead of having "fixed doors," which makes it even more special.  Above you can see the "mini fridge" that I ordered :)

The door has fixed shelves and the inside has removable shelves in case you want to add taller grocery items.  The bottom even has two pull-out drawers!

Don't you just love it?!!!

The fridge also came with some mini food - a chicken (or turkey?), hotdogs, four mini drink cartons, and four mini can drinks.  I have plenty of printies that I can use to doll these up a bit, maybe make some soda or beer cans lol!  I can't wait to see what this looks like all filled up!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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